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2016 Heisman Final Results

Name Team Pos Yr 1 2 3 Total Points
1 Lamar Jackson Louisville QB So. 526 251 64 2144
2 Deshaun Watson Clemson QB Jr. 269 302 113 1524
3 Baker Mayfield Oklahoma QB Jr. 26 72 139 361
4 Dede Westbrook Oklahoma WR Sr. 7 49 90 209
5 Jabrill Peppers Michigan LB Jr. 11 45 85 208
6 Jake Browning Washington QB So. 3 41 91 182
7 Jonathan Allen Alabama DL Sr. 17 21 39 132
8 D'Onta Foreman Texas RB Jr. 6 21 71 131
9 Christian McCaffrey Stanford RB Jr. 10 17 39 103
10 (t) Dalvin Cook Florida State RB Jr. 3 15 28 67
10 (t) Donnel Pumphrey San Diego State RB Sr. 4 12 31 67


Louisville / QB


Clemson / QB


Oklahoma / QB


Oklahoma / WR


Michigan / LB

Breakdown By Region

Jackson Watson Mayfield Westbrook Peppers
Northeast 318 266 57 26 33
Mid Atlantic 350 274 48 33 50
Far West 365 233 38 29 37
Mid West 363 269 64 22 39
South West 360 215 96 69 27
South 388 267 58 30 22

Notes & Quotes

"I'll remember this for the rest of my life."

-- Lamar Jackson
"I'm so happy right now. I don't even know what to say. I had a speech written, but it just ended up coming from the heart."

-- Lamar Jackson
"For some reason, when they called my name, my chest just started pumping and my heart started racing real hard."

-- Lamar Jackson
(On what he considered his 'Heisman moment') "Each and every game should be a Heisman moment for everyone. You have to perform well each and every game."

-- Lamar Jackson
(On what the former winners told him after winning)"They told me to stay hungry and to keep going."

-- Lamar Jackson
"I was nervous. I had no idea how the vote would turn out. I certainly feel he deserves it."

-- Bobby Petrino
"The improvement Lamar has made since coming to Louisville has been amazing. It's all because of his dedication and hard work."

-- Bobby Petrino
"He became a great passer this year. We knew how well he could run, but because he was able to throw so well, it opened up the running game even more."

-- Bobby Petrino
"Lamar makes it fun for everybody. He comes to practice and meetings with a smile. He's very dedicated. He has tremendous energy. His ability to have that type of attitude on a daily basis makes everyone around him better."

-- Bobby Petrino
-- Jackson won 79.4% of the available points, the seventh-best percentage in Heisman history.

-- Jackson is the youngest player to win the award at 19 years, 337 days (previous youngest: Jameis Winston at 19 years, 342 days).

-- Jackson is the fourth sophomore to win the award and the fifth player to win the Heisman in his second year in college.

-- Jackson is first player from Louisville to win the trophy.

-- Jackson's 4,928 yards of total offense is second in Heisman history to Ty Detmer's 5,022.

-- Jackson's combined 51 touchdowns running and passing ties Tim Tebow for third-best in Heisman history.

-- Jackson's the first Heisman winner to play for a team with at least three losses since Robert Griffin III in 2011.

-- Jackson and Deshaun Watson logged the first 1-2 Heisman finish from the ACC and the first 1-2 finish by players from the same conference since the Big 12 went 1-2 in 2008.

-- Jackson is the first player to win a Heisman having thrown at least 30 passing touchdowns and rushing for at least 20 rushing touchdowns.

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